Chris Andreou Quad Buggy Jeep and Like Segway Safari Tours Paphos Cyprus

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Chris Andreou was the first company in Paphos with quad bike safari tours now nearly 14 years ago, 
our first tour was the family fun safari and this year 2018 we will bring it back!
Enjoy a ride with the family in the countryside, past the beach and fields; feel the adrenaline of driving a quad bike!
This tour is off-road so for safety reasons it is applicable to people above the age of 16. There is no need for a license because it is fully off road, this tour is an excellent start for learning to drive a quad bike.
The tour includes safety training which is between 1 - 1.5 hours, we offer a full day safari and if you have never driven a quad before then this is an excellent way to try before you book.
Price €45.00 for single   €55 for a double
Please note:  Children or people without a license are not allowed to carry a passenger with them.